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  1. Cloud computing for automotive

    Take advantage of cloud benefits to simplify business processes and reduce costs... Read More

  2. Performance Implications of Cloud Computing

    This paper provides an overview of cloud computing and its potential benefits from both an IT and Business perspective, discusses the different cloud computing deployment models and introduces the different roles involved in delivering Cloud Solutions... Read More

  3. Cloud billing: The missing link for cloud providers

    Many cloud items need to be sorted out to fully meet the promise of cloud computing. Flexibility in billing is one of them. Ignoring this aspect will mean that the cloud provider doesn’t reflect its true costs in the customer model, which in turn is likely to either impact the provider’s competitiveness through overcharging or its survival through undercharging... Read More

  4. Building Return on Investment from Cloud Computing

    This White Paper presents the initial conclusions from The Open Group on how to build and measure Return on Investment (ROI) from Cloud Computing. It was produced by the Cloud Business Artifacts (CBA) project of The Open Group Cloud Computing Work Group... Read More

  5. Strengthening your Business Case for Using Cloud

    What can you, as a buyer do to strengthen your business case for Cloud and keep your company competitive? What are some real-world success stories where companies have applied Cloud to solve specific business challenges? What business risks are clients facing which have influenced Cloud buying decisions? As a seller of Cloud solutions, what are some common business requirements that... Read More

  6. Moving to the Cloud: An Introduction to Cloud Computing in Government

    In this report, Dr. Wyld examines both the interest in and the technology surrounding cloud computing, and why it is receiving such increased attention... Read More

  7. The Business Landscape of Cloud Computing

    Cloud computing is both the most hyped and the most important trend in enterprise IT today. Not only does the cloud provide access to low cost, almost infinitely elastic and flexible computing resources, it also holds the potential to redefine the relationship between corporate IT departments and business units... Read More

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