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  1. Designing an Application Centric Network for the $1.9 Trillion Internet of Things Economy

    From healthcare to automotive and manufacturing to consumer electronics, the Internet of Things is a quantum revolution in how we think about application data connectivity. Make sure your network is ready for the application onslaught of the $1.9 trillion Internet of Things economy... Read More

  2. Introduction to Cloud Computing

    This white paper introduces internet-based cloud computing, exploring the characteristics, service models, and deployment models in use today, as well as the benefits and challenges associated with cloud computing. Also discussed are the communications services in the cloud (including ways to access the cloud, such as web APIs and media control interfaces) and the importance of scalability and flexibility in... Read More

  3. Cloud Computing: Alternative sourcing strategy for business ICT

    There are substantial arguments for the adoption of Cloud Computing: the lasting improvement of cost structures, faster reaction to changes in the market and potential for increases in productivity. Cloud Computing offers flexibility whilst simultaneously reducing costs – with the positive side effect of sustainability... Read More

  4. Federal Secure Desktop

    This Validated Design Guide is an overview of the VMware Horizon View Federal Secure Desktop solution, which is based on the VMware Horizon View Mobile Secure Workplace solution. The architecture uses products from VMware and its ecosystem of partners to build a comprehensive solution that satisfies the specific requirements of use cases within the federal vertical such as mobility, bring... Read More

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