High Availability

Last Updated on 9 July 2014, Total: 5 White Papers

  1. Security and high availability in cloud computing environments

    In this paper we will focus on the IaaS cloud computing models... Read More

  2. Software Architecture for High Availability in the Cloud

    Engineering enterprise applications to ensure the highest level of availability and fault tolerance in the cloud... Read More

  3. Building Scalable Applications In the Cloud: Reference Architecture & Best Practices

    With the growth and acceptance of the cloud as a viable production infrastructure, resources previously out of reach to all but the largest organizations have become available to any group regardless of size. This availability has enabled smaller organizations to develop massively scalable applications, some of which handle tens of millions of daily active users – a feat previously possible... Read More

  4. Maximizing the Strategic Point of Control in the Application Delivery Network

    Improve performance, implement security procedures, and institute server redundancy that is invisible to the user by leveraging the strategic point of control that exists between the servers in the data center and the Internet... Read More

  5. Cloud Balancing: The Evolution of Global Server Load Balancing

    Cloud balancing moves global server load balancing from traditional routing options based on static data to context-aware distribution across cloud-based services, both internal and external. Consequently, automation reduces errors and IT labor hours while speeding the resource response to changing environmental conditions... Read More

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